Cryathon 2.0

Lava and I wrote this:

Let us Cry the Thon

The temperature rose, and each of the cryathon’s rides set course.Time zones were starting to match up, unlike normally. Their destination, Manchester, home of the beautiful Luci. Everyone was in their own airplane, sitting down waiting for the drinks to be passed out. They were waiting to land and to finally be able meet the crazy group of people they met on tumblr. Once, they were all settled into their hotel rooms, they pulled out their internet devices and logged in to skype. “Hello!” Lava said, with a passionately excited tone. They were finally a couple of miles away from each other, they could practically feel each other’s presence. All they had to do was plan where they were going to meet up.

“Luci you know this place better, where do we meet?” Mars asked, with an interest for smut.

Luci was yelling at her sister, “GO AWAY, YOU SMELL.”

“LUCI!” everyone screamed.
“What, what, what? Sheez, you don’t have to kill me,” she replied to the group.

“We can just meet up at John Rylands Library, it’s free,” Luci told them, stopping the argument from going any further. They all thought it over and decided it would be the best since they only have a certain amount of money.

“Sounds like a plan,”Muggs stated, laughing out of nowhere.

Everyone was in their own world walking to the very place, they would finally see each others’ faces. Their nervousness was eating at their every step, bringing them closer. Mars was the first one there. She pulled herself tighter into her coat, and changed the song that was playing from her Ipod. Figures were everywhere and she didn’t know whom they belonged too.

"Mars?" someone next to her asked. Mars looked up and smiled noticing the familiar face from the selfie pools they had.

“Is that… Glen!?” Mars screeched, blushing.
“Hiya!” Glen replied, with a big smirk.
Suddenly, they felt a strong connection, and both Mars and Glen hugged tightly. “I can’t believe it’s actually you!” she smiled.

“I know, well where is everyone else?” Glen asked, worried for the rest of the crew. He started to freak out, maybe their lost and they are somewhere bad. He got so worried sweat began to drip down his forehead.

“Right here, you dork,” said a royal voice. It was Never, smiling. With her, were two others, Lava and Cat.

“Hi guys,” said Lava, who was grinning happily, while holding Never’s hand. Lava let go of her lover’s hand and wrapped Mars in a tight hug. She then wraps Glen in a hug and pulls back with a big grin on her face.

“Where’s Jordin?” Mars asked, nervous.

“We thought she’d be with you,” guessed Muggs, walking into the scene. Everyone looked at him and smiled. Everyone wrapped him in hugs excited that they were finally able to see him.

A figure popped out from behind Muggs, it was Jelly. Muggs was giving his babes a piggy-back-ride, because her toesies hurt. Out of nowhere, Alyssa came to the scene.

“Hi everyone!” cheered Alyssa, wearing her cute outfit from the selfie pool. She was very joyous, Alyssa began tap-dancing.

“Uh, it’s you guys,” teased Olivia, walking in with a strut. Next to her was Sai, who barely came on to the calls before this fateful encounter. After the two arrived, Aussie attended the meet. (Pun intended)

“Oh goodness, you’re all here!” she exclaimed in her accent.

“No, I’m black,” pointed out Ryan, who in fact was pretty black on the inside.Everyone was getting excited, as the whole cryathon 2.0 family began to arrive.

The sun began shifting into a different stage, everything began clearing up and the sun was out. Out of the blue, flower petals began flowing into the scene, and everyone felt like a moment was about to happen. The intensity of the group was growing, along with the romance. To the right, stood Kelso, her face full of awe and happiness. To the left of the view, was Ferl, in the same agony as her partner across the way. They slowly skipped towards each other in a romantic-comedy type of way, daisies blowing in the breeze. They finally came together for the most beautiful hug the thon’s eyes have ever seen. So beautiful, the birds started chirping and the air smelled of strawberries and chocolate. As the two girls were hugging the rest of the group stared at the heart warming scene before their eyes.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment since forever,” Kelso states as she gently cups Ferl’s cheeks. Ferl leans into the touch and smiles.

“Me too babe, me too,” Ferl grins and covers Kelso’s hand with hers. The two look at each other and burst into laughter.

Finally, the magnificent British host arrived. Luci came in, she was grumpy, it was nearly 3 AM.

“Hi everyone, sorry I can’t be excited right now, considering you all smell,” Luci yawned, inspecting everyone’s features. Making sure no one was out of character. She rubbed her eyes causing her to see stars behind her lids.

“Where in the devil’s name is Jordin?” she asked the group as she stretched her back.

“I don’t know, but I’m worried about my BB,” Marlea told the group clutching her jacket tighter.

“That’s a quarter!” Glen shouted with a grin.

“I’m serious Glen,” Mars replies giving him a small smile. Glen looked away searching for anyone else who he might recognize from all the selfies.

Muggs looked out the nearest window and saw a familiar face, he quickly pointed out.

“It’s BB!” he squealed, as if he had solved world hunger.

“50 cents!” cheered Glen, following Mars as she led the way towards the huge doors.

“Jordin, what are you doing out here?” Luci asked, concerned.

“OH MY GOD, ALL MY BB’s” Jordin screamed,as she opened her arms. Mars ran into them and wrapped herself around the Jordin’s neck grinning from ear to ear.

Everyone then smothered each other in one of those romantic-comedy-like group hugs. Y’know like some reunion scene off of Adam Sandler’s movies? Just like that.

Out of nowhere, Freddy jumped into the hug fest. Making fapping noises with shoulders, and screaming.

“YOLO!” she screamed in Canadian glory.